Contrast the financing of terrorism



Suite Finance SCC Plc, in compliance with the legislation on counter-terrorist financing and its internal policies:

  • refrains from carrying out operations involving, for whatever reason, persons included in the EC Regulations or in measures taken by national authorities;
  • transmit reports of suspicious terrorist financing transactions to the competent authorities;
  • carefully assesses transfers in USD to subjects/countries included in the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department);
  • carry out biographical checks and comparisons with the names present in the lists provided by the UN and the EC Regulations;
  • constantly monitor the lists and their updates and their correspondence with the lists published by the authorities;
  • carefully assesses the movements that have been discarded on transfers as a result of similarity indices with counter-terrorism lists;
  • it does not carry out transactions with counterparties or customers resident in Embargo countries according to the regulations in force or deemed “not to be acceptable” by the Suite Finance.

In particular, transactions with the following countries are inhibited:

  •  IRAN
  •  SYRIA
  •  SUDAN
  •  YEMEN

This list may be amended or supplemented as a result of the regulatory provisions without the need for further specific notification.